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About Me

This page is still under construction, so please bear with me.

I hate talking about myself, so I'll make this as short as possible. I was born during the summer of 1974 in Norwich, Connecticut. A year later my family moved to San Diego, California, which is where I have lived for almost my entire life, except for a two year stay in Korea. In the Winter of 2002 I relocated to Kaysville Utah.

In 1999 I graduated as a CS major from the University of California, San Diego. That was great, but not as great as what happened two weeks later: I married my sweetheart, Marianne, in the San Diego, California, Temple. We've been married for five years now, and have two wonderful children: Rebecca and Adam.

I currently work as a software engineer and system administrator for Northrop Grumman. Formerly, I was the assistant network administrator and troubleshooter for the Department of Surgery at the UCSD Medical Center.

I have about a million interests and hobbies, which means that I have time to do practically none of them. Among my interests are cryptography and computer security, reading, geneology, stamp collecting, and Ham Radio.